Quint Essence Car Seat Organizer


Q: Are they compatible with all car seats? 

A: They fit all standard car seats, as long as the headrest piece isn't combined with the rest of the car seat


Q: Can they hold any tablet even with a thick case on? 

A: Yes! The tablet pocket is even large enough to fit the 12.9 inch iPad Pro with an Otter-box Case! 


Q: Does the plastic covering muffle the sound of the audio on the iPad while watching movies? 

A: The iPad pocket has six holes on each side, which will allow you to enjoy your favourite show with good quality sound! These holes will also allow you to connect headphones


Q: Can I use the touchscreen on my tablet while it is in the pocket? 

A: Yes! The tablet pocket has a touchscreen cover!


Q: Can I charge the iPad when it's in the pocket?

A: Yes! The six holes on the side will allow you to charge any tablet! 


Q: Can the bottle holders fit large sports bottles? 

A: Yes! The middle bottle holders are designed to fit large bottles


Q: Can these be used if my little one is still rear facing? 

A: Yes! the organizers can still be used, your little one won't be able to watch shows unfortunately for a few more month :) 


Q: What is the material? 

A: We use a unique 600D polyester that are both environmentally friendly and durable


Q: Are these machine washable? 

A: We don't recommend that you wash them, they can easily be cleaned with a wet cloth


Q: What are the return policies? 

A: We have a 30 day return/exchange policy on all items!